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Lumi and Kantar Health win Prestigious Award for Mobile mHealth Application

Lumi Technologies has won the MRMW award for the Best Use of Mobile Technology for the second year running. This year’s prize, presented last night at the Hilton Fort Worth, Texas, was won in partnership with healthcare market research specialist Kantar Health for mobile survey application designed to evaluate perceptions of health in comparison with […]

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AGM Screenshot_Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Finds the Perfect Fit for First UK Electronic AGM

Lumi AGM Mobile enables landmark meeting Lumi AGM Mobile has facilitated the UK’s first electronic AGM held by a listed company. Registrar Equiniti introduced the platform to enable its client, Jimmy Choo PLC, the British luxury brand specialising in shoes and accessories, to make the event accessible to all shareholders, regardless of their location. Shareholders […]

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Team Lumi in Rio gets our vote

As business trips go – Rio in August 2016 is not a bad destination or dateline. Although I know very well that Team Lumi has been working hard out there, I couldn’t help but feel some envy when I saw this photo of them soaking up the atmosphere. No, they’ve not been competing, but overseeing […]

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Channel 4 referendum debate uses Lumi

Lumi at the Heart of the Debate – on Live TV What more could we ask for? When Lumi technology was chosen to measure the very pulse of the nation on the eve of the referendum, the excitement was enough to make us forget about leave or remain all together – or for 90 minutes […]

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Brexit and eating our own dogfood…

So it’s THE water-cooler conversation in workplaces, homes, pubs and schools in the UK right now (Even my 6 year-old left for school this morning dressed in the colours of her favourite flags). In or Out??? It’s anyone’s guess right now. So if it was up to your team – do you know what the result would […]

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What to ask your WiFi provider: 5 tips

According to Randle Stonier from Adding Value, WiFi is no longer an optional perk you may or may not offer at your next event. I fully agree with this. I know that WiFi and the access thereto from venues has been a prominent discussion point in the past year and venue WiFi has definitely grown […]

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mobile research participant

Why are Market Researchers Holding Back Market Research?

Here’s a question every market researcher should think about: Why has mobile been relatively slow to take off within the market research industry?

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mobile research phone

4 Ways Market Researchers Can Optimize Survey Design

To take advantage of the benefits of mobile research, market researchers need to optimize survey design for a mobile-first world. Here’s how they can.

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10 of the Best Collaboration Tools for
Remote Teams

Want to make your global or remote team more productive? Discover the best tools and apps for improving collaboration.

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light bulb

How Leaders Can Gain More Insights at Meetings

Want to make your meetings more valuable? Discover how to gain insights and avoid the meeting pitfalls that produce bad decisions.

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How to Create a Presentation Your
Audience Loves

To create a memorable presentation, you need to understand what your audience cares about. Learn the core desires every audience shares.

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One Question You Should Ask at Every Meeting

Gathering smart people for a meeting doesn’t guarantee that good decisions will be made. Learn the one question that will make your meetings more effective.

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bad meetings

5 Ways to Fix Bad Meetings

Bad meetings exist, but they don’t have to. Learn how you can avoid the pitfalls of unproductive meetings.

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Meetoo App

Lumi Launches Meetoo

Overcoming human nature is a steep, if not impossible, task. Thankfully, this is now solved through technology with the public launch of Meetoo.

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mobile event app conversations

How to Win Support for Taking your Meetings and Events Mobile

The organizations that are going to succeed are the ones that adopt mobile engagement in their business strategies. Learn strategies for going mobile.

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mobile smartphone in hand

Why Market Researchers Should Think Mobile First

Mobile can no longer be ignored. The market researchers who excel in the future will think mobile first. Learn why this is a smart decision.

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Inspired Interaction –
Do More with Your ARS Technology

It’s time to get inventive with interaction, not only by redefining what an audience response system is, but also by expanding their applications.

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Lumi Launches Conference Management Tool Lumi Track

The innovative delegate tracking solution gives meeting and event organisers the ability to check-in attendees, monitor attendance & generate reports.

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critic feature

What Pixar Can Teach Us About Creating
Better Meetings

Pixar’s success isn’t an accident. They’re successful because they’ve mastered meetings. Learn what makes them so effective.

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3 Things You Should Absolutely Never
Do At An Event

If you want your event to be successful, you need to avoid common pitfalls that plague event planners. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

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