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3 Attendee Engagement Pitfalls You Should Avoid at Your Next Event

Success of your event depends on your ability to effectively engage your audience. Learn how to avoid three common pitfalls event planners experience.

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app analytics book

How Mobile App Analytics Help Quantify
Event Success

Mobile event apps now have the ability to generate reams of invaluable data points on attendee behavior and event effectiveness. Discover how to set the right measures for success from the beginning.

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event audience

9 Ways To Increase Audience Engagement At Events

Successful events depend on audience engagement. We provide you with nine ideas you can use to engage your audience at your next event.

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group ideas

5 Ways To Produce Better Ideas At Meetings

In groups, collective intelligence trumps individual brain power. Learn how to improve group intelligence and get better ideas at meetings.

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international confex

Confex 2015: Five Things We’re Looking Forward To

International Confex is the UK’s largest event for the meeting and events industry. See what has us excited to attend this year.

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Macro Meeting Trends for 2015

During the PCMA Convening Leaders conference, Greg Oates shared macro meeting trends that event directors will want to pay attention to.

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Events Apps

The Difference Between Business Social and Enterprise Social

Knowing the difference between business social and enterprise social will help you pick the right mobile event app for your meetings and events.

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How To Avoid Groupthink At Your Next Meeting

When people claim to agree even though they don’t, everyone loses. To understand groupthink, we first have to understand what prevents people from sharing ideas and opinions.

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6 Tips for Crafting the Perfect Event Survey

As meeting, event and insight gathering experts, we’ve helped clients craft a lot of surveys over our 23 years. Here are a few tips to maximize their effectiveness.

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event participation

Event Trend:
What Event Planners Need To Do In 2015

If event managers want to continue to provide attendees with memorable experiences at events, there is a trend they need to pay attention to.

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Toward 2015: 3 Reasons Why Enterprise Meetings Will Go Mobile

The term ‘perfect storm’ is the perfect expression to describe what we’re currently witnessing in the enterprise meeting and event space.

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Extending the Event Lifecycle through
Mobile Technology

The goal of every event planner is to put on the best event possible, and the most important measure of that success is the attendee experience.

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How to Promote your Event App
Using Social Media

When it comes to using social media, the struggle to get heard is real. That’s because your event has to compete with the hundreds of other brands your target audience is following in their feeds.

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employee collaboration

The Rise and Return of the Shared Experience

The convenience of streaming media services brings several benefits, but there is still one thing lacking—a shared experience.

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How Memory Doesn’t Work and Why It Matters For Market Researchers

How can two people have different memories of the same event? The answer reveals how memory works and also provides lessons for capturing feedback.

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5 Reasons Real-Time Interaction Matters
to Event Attendees

Ensuring that your attendees walk away with a positive impression and a valuable experience is a must-have for all of your events. Real-time interaction is one surefire way to add that value – see below for why it makes a big impact on your attendees.

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Selling Event Apps to Your C-Suite

If you are looking to deploy an app for your next conference or meeting, you may find yourself having to make your case directly to the C-suite.

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Lumi Americas Builds ‘Free Bikes 4 Kidz’

Every summer, the Lumi Americas team comes together for the Lumi Summer Summit. This year, we added something new to the mix: a company-organized corporate social responsibility (CSR) project.

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Bringing Mobile to the Office:
The Benefits of Apps for Enterprise

Your employees are already coming to work every day with a mobile device chock-full of apps, are any helping to drive your company’s objectives?

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5 Reasons Event Planners Should Be Using Real-Time Response Technology

Up the ante at your events with real-time response tech. Keep reading for five reasons to integrate real-time response technology into your events.

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