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How to Create a Presentation Your
Audience Loves

To create a memorable presentation, you need to understand what your audience cares about. Learn the core desires every audience shares.

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One Question You Should Ask at Every Meeting

Gathering smart people for a meeting doesn’t guarantee that good decisions will be made. Learn the one question that will make your meetings more effective.

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bad meetings

5 Ways to Fix Bad Meetings

Bad meetings exist, but they don’t have to. Learn how you can avoid the pitfalls of unproductive meetings.

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Meetoo App

Lumi Launches Meetoo

Overcoming human nature is a steep, if not impossible, task. Thankfully, this is now solved through technology with the public launch of Meetoo.

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mobile event app conversations

How to Win Support for Taking your Meetings and Events Mobile

The organisations that are going to succeed are the ones that adopt mobile engagement in their business strategies. Learn strategies for going mobile.

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mobile smartphone in hand

Why Market Researchers Should Think Mobile First

Mobile can no longer be ignored. The market researchers who excel in the future will think mobile first. Learn why this is a smart decision.

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Inspired Interaction –
Do More with Your ARS Technology

It’s time to get inventive with interaction, not only by redefining what an audience response system is, but also by expanding their applications.

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Lumi Launches Conference Management Tool Lumi Track

The innovative delegate tracking solution gives meeting and event organisers the ability to check-in attendees, monitor attendance & generate reports.

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critic feature

What Pixar Can Teach Us About Creating
Better Meetings

Pixar’s success isn’t an accident. They’re successful because they’ve mastered meetings. Learn what makes them so effective.

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3 Things You Should Absolutely Never
Do At An Event

If you want your event to be successful, you need to avoid common pitfalls that plague event planners. Learn what they are and how to avoid them.

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QuickMobile - Event App Analytics

Research Shows Why Native Apps Make Your Events Better

We help clarify the decision between mobile web and native app with research from 40 of our largest events last year. Learn more.

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6 Books Every Event Planner Should Read

The only way to keep growing as an event planner is to keep learning. We share six books that will help planners get new ideas and insights.

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mobile phone live event

9 Benefits of Using Mobile Apps to
Gather Feedback at Live Events

If you aren’t using mobile market research apps at your events, you are missing insights that drive better decision-making and improve ROI. Discover the benefits of using mobile apps to gather feedback at live events.

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3 Attendee Engagement Pitfalls You Should Avoid at Your Next Event

Success of your event depends on your ability to effectively engage your audience. Learn how to avoid three common pitfalls event planners experience.

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app analytics book

How Mobile App Analytics Help Quantify
Event Success

Mobile event apps now have the ability to generate reams of invaluable data points on attendee behavior and event effectiveness. Discover how to set the right measures for success from the beginning.

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event audience

9 Ways To Increase Audience Engagement At Events

Successful events depend on audience engagement. We provide you with nine ideas you can use to engage your audience at your next event.

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group ideas

5 Ways To Produce Better Ideas At Meetings

In groups, collective intelligence trumps individual brain power. Learn how to improve group intelligence and get better ideas at meetings.

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international confex

Confex 2015: Five Things We’re Looking Forward To

International Confex is the UK’s largest event for the meeting and events industry. See what has us excited to attend this year.

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Macro Meeting Trends for 2015

During the PCMA Convening Leaders conference, Greg Oates shared macro meeting trends that event directors will want to pay attention to.

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Events Apps

The Difference Between Business Social and Enterprise Social

Knowing the difference between business social and enterprise social will help you pick the right mobile event app for your meetings and events.

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