Deliver Engaging Presentations with the IML Click

The IML Click system turns every presentation, meeting or training session into a valuable working experience. At the click of a button, the IML Click system ensures you hear from everyone at the same time.

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What the IML Click can do for you:

  • Easily create interactive questions using our PowerPoint plug-in, Lumi ViewPoint
  • Encourage audience interaction with their own wireless keypad
  • Display and discuss results live or analyze detailed data post-event

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have used IML Click at many events over the past year and they have proved invaluable. During conferences and events they create great interaction with the audience and can be a good method of starting a discussion with large groups. The data we have received has been useful for both product development and lead generation.

Leading Financial Institution Testimonial
Collect Valuable Insight

Collect Valuable Insight

Add instant interactivity to PowerPoint via Lumi ViewPoint and the IML Click. Use these clickers to easily gather valuable insight from your session. The IML Click system allows you to run 500 IML Clicks off one receiver.

Use proven hardware

Stylish and robust, the IML Click is ready anytime. Simply plug the wireless receiver into an USB port and you’re set. Meeting over? Grab the IML Clicks, click them together and put them in the case provided. This portable, comfortable lightweight powerhouse does the job.

Use Proven Hardware
Secure Flexible Network

Enjoy a secure, flexible network

The patented secure, reliable RF network IML Click network ensures your data is safe and accurate. The IML Click system is compatible with other networks and devices to ensure all responses are reported. Whether deployed across a 300x300 foot room or across the conference room table, the IML Click has you covered.

Identified or anonymous responses

Register attendees to individual IML Click keypads for identified responses, or get valuable information anonymously.

Anonymous Responses

Report and Analyze

Export voting results to a clearly formatted Excel spreadsheet with the click of a button.

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