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Deliver a great survey experience with Lumi Say

Lumi Say is a versatile survey app that helps you share content and capture insight instantly – via surveys, rich media, location triggers, gamification and more.

Contextual insight in the moment using:

  • LOCATION : Enhanced by geo-fencing and location validation capabilities
  • MOBILITY : Capitalize on convenience with mobile
  • TIME : Enjoy impressive response rates through behavior or time-based notifications and reminders
  • RICH MEDIA : Seamlessly incorporate barcodes, images, audio and video
  • ACTIVITY : Gamify with incentive structures that are relevant, fun and easy to use
  • SIMPLICITY : Script once and deploy in minutes via native app or mobile web

What Our Clients Are Saying

Lumi Say was the perfect solution for our New Year's Eve multi-sensory fireworks research. Lumi’s technology allowed us to capture real time reactions, qualitative and quantitative, to a live event. The Lumi Say app approach allowed seamless offline interaction with attendees allowing media and opinions to be shared, as well as additional elements of gamification and hosting event information…. All of this conducted via the app staggered throughout the event without concern of internet connection.

Vodafone Testimonial
Capture Insight

Capture insight

Lumi Say covers all the question types you would expect including single choice, multi-choice, open ends, ranking, slider scale, with advanced routing and logic capabilities.

Respondents can also capture images, audio, video and barcodes. Location can be captured via GPS.

Target With Precision

Our patented technology allows new content to be pushed to the app instantly. Notifications and activities can be triggered based on desired behaviors, locations or at certain times.

Target With Precision
Customized Content

Customize the experience

Enhance the visual experience with your own branding, colors, images and logos. Easy to personalize tone and theme.

Active Anytime

No connection required. Users can watch videos, participate in a brand experience, respond to questions, capture what they see and more. Responses are automatically uploaded whenever there is an internet connection available.

Active Anytime

Discover Powerful Data

Live analytics and advanced data visualisation are available on the dashboard, providing access to the most current information.