Capture all points of view with Lumi Viewpoint

Lumi ViewPoint is the most intuitive, interactive and user-friendly voting plug-in available. Integrating seamlessly with PowerPoint, Lumi ViewPoint adds interaction to your presentation at a click of a button.

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What Lumi ViewPoint can do for you:

  • Turn standard PowerPoint presentations into interactive and engaging presentations
  • Create a two-way channel of communication between you and your audience
  • Track individual responses or gather anonymous feedback
  • Quiz your audience to measure understanding

What Our Clients Are Saying

We have used the IML Click and ViewPoint system for numerous of our clients legal services meetings and I can honestly say it is a terrific system. The initial set-up is very intuitive and quick to install. Once in the meeting, the IML Clicks are very easy to use. The data received as a result of the IML Clicks is invaluable and helps us understand what our audience’s thoughts and opinions are. I can highly recommend the IML Click System to enhance your meeting!

Millar & Bryce Testimonial
Interactive PowerPoint

Make your presentation interactive

Whether you create your questions from scratch or add interactive components to existing slides, simply theme, format and animate your questions just like you would with any other PowerPoint slide.

Integrate quiz scoring and scoreboards

Track knowledge retention, certify learning or invite a little friendly competition to your meeting. Lumi ViewPoint allows you to create scoreboards in seconds. Increase the competitiveness of your quiz with speed scoring—the faster you answer, the more points you receive! Scores can be broken down by teams or individually, all within a matter of seconds. Then, use PowerPoint to style and animate your scoreboards to fit your meeting theme.

Use Proven Hardware
Use Proven Hardware

User Registration and Tracking

Lumi ViewPoint includes easy user tracking and registration. You can create or import a list of all your attendees to track participation over time and ensure each individual is meeting your key objectives.


Easily analyze results during or after your meeting with features that let you split voting by demographic parameters, ask baseline questions to compare before and after results, or revisit any question during your presentation for further discussion and interpretation. All data is safely stored in the Lumi database allowing results to be analyzed and shared after the event. Whether you’re interested in the high-level overview of your meeting or want to get to the finest level of granularity, it’s all there.


Learn how to make the most of Lumi ViewPoint with our step-by-step instructional videos.

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