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Campaign Effectiveness: Targeting Consumers on the Move

Millward Brown’s client, a multinational alcoholic beverage company, was looking to measure consumer responses to the brands outdoor and digital activity within four specific regions in London. Lumi’s in-the-moment market research solution was successfully employed to get the job done.

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Product Testing: Simplification for the Client and the Consumer

Product diary studies are a great way for companies to gain insights from customers before a product launch. With many companies performing these kinds of studies, it has become necessary to adapt them to the changing mobile environment.

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SITE SoCal Improves Audience Interaction
at Luncheon

SITE SoCal needed a better way to interact with more than a hundred incentive travel and motivational event professionals at their monthly luncheon. They sought a solution that would make it possible—and easy—for attendees to participate instantly.

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Vodafone Collects In-the-Moment Insight on New Year’s Eve

Vodafone were embarking on a journey to better understand how consumers perceive their brand. They recently terminated their sponsorship of Formula One to focus their marketing campaigns on brand engagement, rather than brand awareness.

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MPI ‘Gamifies’ their Networking & Education Event

MPI Orange County (MPIOC) was looking to add a fun and valuable game to their networking and education event, “Gaming for Events”, that would help them to achieve their event goals. As the primary topic of the educational session was about how to integrate games, fun and competition into events, they wanted to illustrate their point by ‘gamifying’ their own event.

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West Coast Casualty Engages Attendees at Annual Seminar

West Coast Casualty Service hosts its Construction Defect Seminar annually. The multi-day conference brings together professionals in the construction defect claims and litigation industry for a peer-to-peer information exchange. Since West Coast Casualty approached Lumi to provide its services at its seminar four years ago, their goal has been to add excitement to their event.

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Six Degrees Medical Trains over 3,000 Sales Reps throughout 78 Rooms

Six Degrees Medical sought a unique solution for its premier pharmaceutical client holding a medical sales training meeting. The pharma client was investing in bringing over 3,000 of its best and brightest sales reps to the meeting, who needed to learn, understand, and retain vital information about a new drug.

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Molson Coors Uncovers Influencing Factors with Mobile Research

TNS joined forces with Molson Coors, the second biggest brewer in the UK, to test what insights mobile might uncover to solve the diverse challenges facing the beer category. The beer industry is in decline, with a changing market shape, and retailers are under increasing pressure in the challenging economic climate and the increasingly restrictive environment.

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ELCA Conducts Instant, Electronic Elections

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) was holding their 2013 Churchwide Assembly and was searching for an electronic voting solution that also had a microphone queuing and speaker identification system. The ELCA needed to conduct over 80 motion votes and seven elections with approximately 1,000 voting members, as well as identify voting members who were for or against specific motions, and allow them to voice their opinions.

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Santam Interacts with Employees Across the Country

Santam, the leading short term insurance company in South Africa, held their annual conference in April 2013 for 1600 attendees based across the country. They were looking for a way to engage them in a single event without hosting the conference in one place.

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Crohn’s Disease : Investigating the ‘Experiencing’ vs. the ‘Remembering’ Self via Mobile

Cello Health Insight wanted to explore if there was a difference between the actual stated experience of having a particular condition (in this case, Crohn’s disease) and patients’ recalled experiences that were captured two weeks later (using traditional methods). Cello Health Insight worked closely with Lumi to develop a mobile survey

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STVLive Keeps TV Viewers Engaged with Mobile

STV wanted to create a new way engage with their audiences and provide something extra to enhance their experience. Since 60% of STV’s audiences (like all TV audiences), are already using their mobile phone or tablet while they are watching TV, Lumi designed and built the STVLive application to allow viewers to interact with STV programs. The first pilot program was “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”

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Millward Brown Measures Ad Recognition

Millward Brown had a multi-country project where interviewers were measuring recognition of TV adverts. As the interviews were out and about in public places, they used still images from the adverts. They asked whether Lumi could create an app to show videos to enhance recognition, while keeping handset costs low and considering the poor mobile coverage in many of the locations.

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Touchpoints UK Gains Insight into Target Markets

Touchpoints was already an important product in the world of media consumption. The results were used by media and consumer brands in the UK and US to plan media spend and understand their target markets. However, the process of gathering a week-long 30-minute diary from respondents was cumbersome and expensive.

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The Oscars Connects with Viewers

ABC wanted to interact with participants watching the Oscars, to collect feedback about the event and to identify whether the application had any impact on viewers’ enjoyment of the show.

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Golf Live & Ipsos Get Interactive

Ipsos engaged Lumi to create an app to support Golf Live’s in the UK. The purpose was to create a community of people before and during the event, inform people of activities on the day, and get feedback on the event via discussions and polls. In addition the app would track attendees’ location to understand how people move about the event, see which exhibitors are most popular and add an element of fun.

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EMI’s Deadmau5 Live Chats with Fans

EMI, Deadmau5’s record label, asked Lumi to create an app to help create an event for the whole evening, including before and after the concert. Lumi’s Deadmau5 app included live chat from four hours before the concert to two hours afterwards. The band participated in the chat, answering questions and interacting with fans.

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Danish Elections Analyze Audience Feedback

The major political parties in Denmark were scheduled to participate in multiple televised political debates prior to the Danish Parliamentary Election on 15 September 2011. The parties wanted to receive real-time feedback on how audiences reacted to specific topics during each debate in order to fine tune messaging in the critical weeks leading up to the election.

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Melcrum Gather Global Insights to Enhance Internal Communications

Melcrum, a global research and training company within corporate internal communications, wanted to host three Digital Communications Summits globally, in the UK, US and Australia. Since the topic of their conferences was better communications through technology in business, Melcrum wanted to truly put the message into practice by using interactive technology during the summits.

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New York City Housing Authority Improves Employee Engagement

The New York City Housing Authority recognized there was a challenge with morale amongst their employees. In a proactive effort to improve it, they enlisted Lumi’s help. Lumi suggested they use technology to solicit their employees’ thoughts, opinions and ideas on how to improve the organization, giving them a voice and showing them that they valued their input.

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