The Oscars Connects with Viewers

ABC wanted to interact with participants watching the Oscars, to collect feedback about the event and to identify whether the application had any impact on viewers’ enjoyment of the show.

Lumi Join was used with a combination of chat, polls, trivia, quizzes, competitions and advertising. The live chat was moderated by Lumi and Ipsos, who partnered with us for this event.

The chat started during the red carpet and continued throughout the show. There was a dial test during the video montage and there were questions about the advertisements shown in the breaks.

The application was branded to suit the event.


  • 88% of participants said the application made watching the Oscars more enjoyable.
  • 92% said it would make them more likely to watch live TV events.
  • Viewers using Lumi Join enjoyed the experience at least 25% more than other viewers

“This beautifully simple and clever offering from Ipsos and Lumi – MobiLive – stood out bar none. It demonstrated the real potential of mobile research – that is, allowing companies to get close to the consumer and to gauge their reaction to events as they happen. And respondents seem to like it too. Congratulations.”
– Brian Tarran, Editor of Research Magazine and